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"When AlloyUI arrived on the scene, it added a new dimension to YUI contributorship. Professional, robust, and beautifully designed, the Alloy project and its engineers created a world of new options for YUI implementers, and it helped the YUI project turn the corner to become a contributor-driven, community-owned open source project." - Eric Miraglia, Product Manager, Google Inc.

get started

it’s really easy!

Alloy Robot Suit

1 - Copy and paste

First load the seed file, if you haven't yet.

<script src=""></script>

2 - Start using Alloy UI

Then initialize AlloyUI and load a module, e.g., AutoComplete.

  function(A) {
    // code goes here

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who’s using it

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Showcase - Liferay
Showcase - T-Mobile
Showcase - VW
Showcase - Cisco

More than 30,000 downloads, and going...