Module: app-transitions-native
Parent Module: app

Available since 3.5.0

Provides the implementation of view transitions for Y.App.Transitions in browsers which support native CSS3 transitions.

When this module is used, Y.App.TransitionsNative will automatically mix itself in to Y.App.



() protected

Dequeues any pending calls to _uiTransitionActiveView().

Note: When there is more than one queued transition, only the most recent activeView change will be visually transitioned, while the others will have their transition option overridden to false.


  • newView
  • oldView
  • [transition]
Object protected

Returns an object containing a named fx for both viewIn and viewOut based on the relationship between the specified newView and oldView.


  • newView View

    The view being transitioned-in.

  • oldView View

    The view being transitioned-out.

  • [transition] String optional

    The preferred transition to use.



An object containing a named fx for both viewIn and viewOut.


() protected

Queues calls to _uiTransitionActiveView() to make sure a currently running transition isn't interrupted.

Note: This method prevents the default _uiSetActiveView() method from running.


  • newView
  • [oldView]
  • [options]

Performs the actual change of this app's activeView by visually transitioning between the newView and oldView using any specified options.

The newView is attached to the app by rendering it to the viewContainer, and making this app a bubble target of its events.

The oldView is detached from the app by removing it from the viewContainer, and removing this app as a bubble target for its events. The oldView will either be preserved or properly destroyed.

Note: This method overrides _uiSetActiveView() and provides all of its functionality plus supports visual transitions. Also, the activeView attribute is read-only and can be changed by calling the showView() method.


  • newView View

    The View which is now this app's activeView.

  • [oldView] View optional

    The View which was this app's activeView.

  • [options] Object optional

    Optional object containing any of the following properties:

    • [callback] Function optional

      Optional callback function to call after new activeView is ready to use, the function will be passed:

      • view View
        A reference to the new activeView.
    • [prepend=false] Boolean optional

      Whether the view should be prepended instead of appended to the viewContainer.

    • [render] Boolean optional

      Whether the view should be rendered. Note: If no value is specified, a view instance will only be rendered if it's newly created by this method.

    • [transition] Boolean | String optional

      Optional transition override. A transition can be specified which will override the default, or false for no transition.

    • [update=false] Boolean optional

      Whether an existing view should have its attributes updated by passing the config object to its setAttrs() method. Note: This option does not have an effect if the view instance is created as a result of calling this method.



Boolean protected

Whether this app is currently transitioning its activeView.

Default: false


Array protected

A queue that holds pending calls to this app's _uiTransitionActiveView() method.

Default: []