The Animation Utility provides an API for creating advanced transitions.

This module provides the following classes:

This module is a rollup of the following modules:

  • anim-base
    Provides the base Anim class, for animating numeric properties.
  • anim-color
    Adds support for color properties in to and from attributes.
  • anim-curve
    Adds support for the curve property for the to attribute. A curve is zero or more control points and an end point.
  • anim-easing
    The easing module provides methods for customizing how an animation behaves during each run.
  • anim-node-plugin
    Binds an Anim instance to a Node instance
  • anim-scroll
    Adds support for the scroll property in to and from attributes.
  • anim-shape
    Adds support for the transform and fill attributes of Graphic and Shape instances. The anim-shape submodule can be used for all animations involving Graphic Shape attributes.
  • anim-shape-transform
    Adds support for the transform attribute of Graphic Shape instances.
  • anim-xy
    Adds support for the xy property in from and to attributes.