Module: view-node-map
Parent Module: app

Available since 3.5.0

View extension that adds a static getByNode() method that returns the nearest View instance associated with the given Node (similar to Widget's getByNode() method).

Note that it's important to call destroy() on a View instance using this extension when you plan to stop using it. This ensures that all internal references to that View are cleared to prevent memory leaks.





  • node
View static

Defined in yui3/src/app/js/view-extensions/view-node-map.js:35

Available since 3.5.0

Returns the nearest View instance associated with the given Node. The Node may be a View container or any child of a View container.

Note that only instances of Views that have the Y.View.NodeMap extension mixed in will be returned. The base View class doesn't provide this functionality by default due to the additional memory management overhead involved in maintaining a mapping of Nodes to View instances.


  • node Node | HTMLElement | String

    Node instance, selector string, or HTMLElement.



Closest View instance associated with the given Node, or null if no associated View instance was found.