Provides browser history management functionality using a simple add/replace/get paradigm. This can be used to ensure that the browser's back and forward buttons work as the user expects and to provide bookmarkable URLs that return the user to the current application state, even in an Ajax application that doesn't perform full-page refreshes.

This module provides the following classes:

This module is a rollup of the following modules:

  • history-base
    Provides global state management backed by an object, but with no browser history integration. For actual browser history integration and back/forward support, use the history-html5 or history-hash modules.
  • history-hash
    Provides browser history management backed by window.location.hash, as well as convenience methods for working with the location hash and a synthetic hashchange event that normalizes differences across browsers.
  • history-hash-ie
    Improves IE6/7 support in history-hash by using a hidden iframe to create entries in IE's browser history. This module is only needed if IE6/7 support is necessary; it's not needed for any other browser.
  • history-html5
    Provides browser history management using the HTML5 history API.